``Reveal your inspirational beauty``


Much more than a cosmetics industry.

Understand and satisfy the needs, dreams and desires of our consumers, providing well-being, happiness and self-realization. Always looking for growth through innovation and cutting-edge technology, expanding the physical structure, reinforcing our presence in the market, disseminating a new way of seeing and delivering the real beauty of women.


Your beauty is our heritage.

To be a reference in the national and international cosmetics market, for delivering products and services with excellence, innovation and creativity.

Our commitment to strategic growth, idealized and original, creating and delivering value, continuous improvement to meet any demand and expectation, always aiming at fulfilling dreams and desires with the objective of providing personal satisfaction to our suppliers, employees and consumers.

Spread true admiration for women, with respect, values and tradition.


Relations based on truth, respect and values.

• Commitment in all processes from design to point of sale delivery;
• Focus on meeting customer expectations;
• Integrity in the relationship with suppliers, employees and consumers;
• High quality on services;
• Excellence in all procedures;
• To give happiness;
• Truth always;
• Innovation in treatments and products;
• Strategy in all stages of production and logistics;
• Integrity in actions and decisions;
• Ambition in always being the best;
• Respect for moral and social values;
• Team spirit.

Beauline Culture

We know that people use products or services from companies that like, trust and admire, in this way, we take the position of being much more than a cosmetics industry, with actions focused on ethics, good customs, innovation, care and quality, delivering the best experience for our consumers.